Jumper Flat 12"

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Model 144823 Flat Window Jumper is a rail-protected coaxial cable jumper assembly for use in door and window jams when drilling through walls is not permitted. The patent-pending rail system protects the precision teflon coaxial cable from deformation due to bending or repetitive impact within a window or door frame.
•True Coaxial Cable: 18 dB return loss @ 2150 MHz - Good to 3GHz
•Electrical Specs Do Not Degrade With Bending, Impact, or Temp
•Higher Connector-Cable Holding Force: Greater than 60 lbs
•Thinner Cable: Less than 3mm
•High Center Conductor Holding F connectors: Greater than 150g
•Impact Durability: 50,000 impacts (with no electrical degradation)
•Shape Retention: Employs a metal structure to hold sharper bends
• Double-Sided Mounting Tape
• Clearance Measurement Tool
• Installation Instructions
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