Satellite Signal Level Meter Module

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Satellite Signal Level Meter Module for use with XR-3 Modular Test Instrument base unit.


For North American DBS & Broadcast TVRO.



  • Compatible with XR-3 Modular Test Instrument
  • Friendly user interface
  • Satellite ID by "align-to-lock" or "automatic scan“
  • ID multi-lock algorithm eliminates false positives
  • Powers LNBs and multi-switches
  • Use for L, C, X, Ku, or Ka band applications
  • High sensitivity assures alignment optimization
  • Geo-sensitive "Field Guide" software database stores all compatible satellites and transponders per global region
  • Program and store up to 256 custom transponders
  • Controls multi-LNBs/switches with 22kHz DiSEqC tone
  • Manually tune to custom transponders using front panel keypad
  • Audible tone for signal lock or peak
  • Store measurements for Proof-of-performance reporting
  • "Limit Scan" Pass/Fail for key transponders
  • Displays antenna settings (AZ / EL / Skew) based on user's postal code or latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Field replaceable type F barrel connectors
  • Fast system boot-up time in less than 5 seconds


  • Frequency Range........250-2150 MHz
  • Tuning Resolution........4 kHz
  • Signal Level Range... .. -75 to -15 dBm (+34 to +94 dB?V)
  • RF Level Accuracy.........+/- 2 dB typical, 3 dB max
  • Signal Lock Formats..... DVB-S (QPSK), Digicipher 2 (QPSK & OQPSK), DVB-S2 (QPSK & 8PSK, CCM), DSS / DIRECTV Legacy (QPSK), Turbo (QPSK & 8PSK)
  • Impedance.....................75 Ohm
  • LNB Power....................13VDC for V/R, 18VDC for H/L21VDC for DIRECTV SWiM, 29VDC
  • Switch Control ...............22 kHz, DiSEqC
  • RF Connector ................Type F barrel, field replaceable
  • Warranty.........................12 month limited


  • Demodulates DVB-S, DSS / DIRECTV Legacy, Digicipher 2, Turbo FEC, & DVB-S2 (QPSK & 8PSK, CCM) signals
  • Signal Level (dBm, dBmV, or dB?V) with present and peak bar graph
  • Signal Quality (IRD, C/N, Eb/No, or Es/No)
  • BER (Pre FEC / Viterbi & Post FEC / Reed Solomon) for DVB-S, DSS / DIRECTV Legacy, and Digicipher 2 signals
  • Bad blocks, corrected blocks, and frame errors for DVB-S2 and Turbo FEC signals
  • Voltage output of IRD / IDU (29V max)
  • Current draw of LNB
  • LNB frequency deviation (LNB LO drift estimate)
  • Symbol Rate error
  • Spectrum Screen (frequency on x-axis, amplitude on y- axis)
  • Constellation Screen (I and Q demodulator values)
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