Steren 3.6V 300Mah (3 x 1/2AA) Universal Ni-Cd Cordless Phone Battery

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Rechargeable nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) 3.6 volts, nominal capacity of 300 mAh (milliamp hour) and universal plug. No effect of memory. Recommendations: charge for 24 hours before using for the first time, check the battery polarity and do not leave discharged for a long time without use.

For use with: Panasonic KX-A36A, KX-T3710, KX-T3720, KX-T3725, KX-T3730, TX-T3800, TX-T3805 (Newer models), KX-T3815, TX-T3823, TX-T3824, TX-T3850, TX-T3860, TX-T3880, TX-T3910, TX-T3920, TX-T3960, TX-T3980, TX-T4200, TX-T4300, TX-T4350, TX-T4350R, TX-T4370, TX-T4400, KX-T3832m, KX-T3842, Sanyo: CLT8800, H02, Sony SPPA11, SPPA20, SPPA40, SPPA50, SPPA57, Uniden XC265, XC365, AM46EV

  • Dimensions: 25" (H)x 9.44" (W)x 16.34" (L)
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